Orbis Commemorative Donations Program

Let's double the joy on special occasions! By making a commemorative donation to Orbis, you will make a donation on behalf of your loved ones as well as send them a specially designed Orbis gift. Moreover, you will give the preventably blind the gift of sight.


Eager to share the beautiful sight of your wedding dress with needlessly blind people thousands of miles away? Then please donate part of your gift money to Orbis! To thank you for your support, Orbis will present you and your another half with a framed “Thank You” certificate plus a pair of wedding bears to acknowledge your guests’ kindness in helping others. Additionally, you could buy the following gifts to thank your guests. >>More details


Like to make your kid's special day even more meaningful? You can give on behalf of him/her and received an Orbis birthday party pack which your kid and his/her little guests can enjoy together. Please also encourage your guests to donate to Orbis in lieu of buying gifts. >>More details


Always struggle to find meaningful gifts for loved ones? Choose from our specially designed Orbis gifts and make a donation on behalf of him/her! What a wonderful way to ensure that special someone joins you in supporting Orbis in the battle against preventable blindness! >>More details


Click here to download the donation form. Please returm the completed form to Orbis Macau by fax (853) 2835 6061 or email: info.macau@orbis.org. For enquiry, please contact us on (853) 2830 0787.