Group Fundraising

Is your social group looking for a deserving cause to support? Giving people the ability to see is a precious gift with an immediate and lasting impact. Please join hands with Orbis in removing the veil of darkness enveloping so many of the world's poor.

Your organization can have fun and demonstrate compassion through so many different types of activities:

Charitable foundations

We would be delighted to meet with you in person and outline ways you can sponsor one of our many sight-saving projects in the developing world. Please call us at (853) 2830 0787 to share your thoughts.


Orbis would be only too happy to organize a speech or presentation to introduce its sight-saving work to your association. We warmly welcome any ideas you may have to help us raise funds for or public awareness of global blindness. For more details, please call (853) 2830 0787 or e-mail:

Religious groups

We all share the same passion for comforting those less fortunate than ourselves. By working with Orbis, you will help free blind people to live a normal, healthy lifestyle by restoring or preserving their eyesight. If your group would like to learn more about our work, please call (853) 2830 0787 to arrange a presentation.