Coin Box Placement

Below is a full list of current Orbis coin box locations. We would like to thank all of these many local merchants who support Orbis's' work by placing coin boxes in their stores.

If you would also like to support Orbis by placing a coin box at your store, please contact us at 2830 0787 or by email. 

  • Orbis coin boxBanco Weng Hang, S.A. (Main Branch, Hac Sa Wan & NAPE branches)
  • Excel Optical (Ginza Square store)
  • Hei's Time
  • Ieong Chan Tong Herbal Tea Shop
  • Io Pou Chu Syma Beauty Shop
  • Kiang Wu Hospital (Macau & Taipa)
  • Luso International Banking Ltd. branches
  • Sai Wan On Kei Cafe
  • PC Shop
  • Princess House
  • Tai Fung Bank branches
  • University Hospital
  • Valentine Flower Shop
  • Vitreous Lens Limited
  • Wan Tat Bookstores (Rua do Campo branch)
  • Shinkansen Education Centre (新幹線督課中心)
  • Bo Bo Education Centre (寶寶督課中心)
  • San Sheung Chon Education Centre (新上進督課中心)
  • Chi Yao Education Centre (資優督課中心)
  • Chio Yeung Education Centre (朝陽督課中心)
  • Wong U Meng Chinese Medical Master
  • Restaurante Luso ll
  • A Ri Rang Korean Restaurant
  • Jockey Japanese Restaurant