June 2017 Singapore Newsletter

Meet 5-year-old Nhut Long who got his misaligned eyes corrected onboard the Flying Eye Hospital Read More »

Meet Jefferson

Jefferson, age 9, suffered from strabismus. If left untreated, he would go blind. .  Read More »

Krish Now Has a Future—Thanks to You

7-year-old Krish began going blind the moment he was born. Cataracts destined him to a life of darkness and poverty in Nepal. Because of you, Krish’s family received help. Read More »

Muntare and her Neighbours

Even though Muntare is very popular within her community, for some time she had been leading a lonely and isolated life... Read More »

Back in school and back on the field

When David turned two his parents took him to a traditional healer. The healer made incisions in his eyes and placed a variety of herbs in the wounds. His condition worsened... Read More »

Gladys Struck in the Eye with a Stick

An injury while playing with her cousin caused Gladys's cataracts to develop. Read More »

Orbis Improves Access to Quality Eye Care

Limited access to quality eye care is a global issue that affects millions due to lack of transportation, inability to cover expenses or lack of education about where to receive help.  Read More »

Orbis and Partnering Foundation Grant Patient’s One Wish

May 7, 2015 - One Wish tells the life-changing story of Hoa, a Vietnamese girl whose strabismus—a condition which can eventually lead to blindness—was not only negatively affecting her vision, but her confidence at school.  Read More »

Kunse Helps His Mother Through Surgery

Kunse, a 13 year old boy, was terrified at the thought of his mother's surgery. However he was consoled by the Orbis-trained eye care worker and supported his mother throughout. Now his mothers sight is restored...  Read More »

Aylito Gets her Sight Back

Ayito lived with the fear of losing her sight and not being able to take care of her family, until she received a simple, 20-minute sight saving surgery from an Orbis-trained eye care worker.  Read More »

Women Working to Change Attitudes

Azeb recognises that being blind in a rural village in Ethiopia is extremely hard. She is dedicated to advising communities on the importance of good hygiene and sanitation in order to keep blindness at bay.  Read More »

Irish Woman Shares her Eye Care Skills

Mairead has been volunteering for Orbis for over ten years, travelling with the Flying Eye Hospital or to remote areas with limited eye care, sharing her skills with local nurses...  Read More »

Asegedech Gets Her Future Back

Asegedech, a 13 year old girl, suffering with trachoma for two years until she was treated by Tsehay, a female nurse based in the nearest health centre in southern Ethiopia... Read More »

International Women’s Day: Empowering Women Through Eye Health

March 8, 2015 marks International Women’s Day, join us in celebrating all of the women—and all the generations of women to come—who transform their communities, families and own lives through quality eye health.  Read More »

Theresa’s Story: A Heartwarming Follow-up

February 13, 2015 - Theresa recently returned to Kitwe Eye Hospital, where an Orbis-trained surgeon operated on her left eye. Now 15 years old, she is continuing her studies and has dreams of being a lawyer. Read More »

The Health Development Army volunteer making a difference

How a mother of four in Ethiopia is leading the way in transforming the lives of her rural community... Read More »

#GivingTuesday: Asegedech’s Story

December 2nd is #GivingTuesday, a day to reflect on how we can be part of a change in the lives of others. Asegedech needed help, and thanks to generous donors, she received it. Read More »

Collaboration is Key to Success for Mongolian Trainee Doctor

November 24, 2014 - Dr. Shirchinjav returns to the FEH to work side by side with Volunteer Faculty surgeon during an ophthalmic skills exchange program. Read More »

A Grandmother’s Vision

Angela lives in the small village of Kanyama, Zambia. Living 75 km from the nearest hospital, Angela suffered for over 10 months without seeking treatment as a result of her mature bilateral cataracts. Read More »

OMEGA and Cindy Crawford Spend Time with Orbis in Peru

September 18, 2014 - Cindy Crawford and OMEGA visited Orbis’s Flying Eye Hospital Read More »

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