Orbis See-n-Feel Tour to Bangladesh

Ever wondered how we work in the Flying Eye Hospital? Please join our upcoming See-n-Feel Tour to Bangladesh in November! Read More »

Mid-Autumn Street Fundraiser

Orbis Mid-Autumn Street Fundraiser will be held in September. Let's join hands to share the joy with those who are burdened by living in darkness! Read More »

Support World Sight Day Today.  Help End Avoidable Blindness Today

Stop the needless anguish afflicting the visually impaired in poorer regions of developing countries with just a simple donation. Suffers won’t only receive quality eye care services, they’ll benefit from the chance of a brighter future. Read More »

Number of blind people set to triple by 2050.

 Read More »

Orbis Mid-Autumn Charity Sale 2017

Annual Orbis Mid-Autumn Charity Sale is now taking place! Read More »

A brave girl’s journey

Dieu is a six-year-old girl from Vietnam. She recently got "brighter eyes" on board our Flying Eye Hospital. Read More »

Shedding Light on the Impact of Orbis in Vietnam

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Children in the developing world are five times more likely to suffer from blindness than those living in affluent nations. There are approximately 20 million severely visually-impaired children in the world. Too often vision problems prevent kids from excelling in school, playing sports or taking part in other activities that their sighted peers take for granted. Read More »

Mummy are my eyes beautiful

Charlie is our latest ACS student to document their trip to Vietnam... Read More »

Support Orbis by Joining Ngong Ping 360 Blindfold Cable Car Experience

HK’s first “Blindfold Cable Car Experience” will be held on September 23, 2017! So come along to experience Lantau Island's spectacular scenery via every sense except sight! Read More »

One good deed can go a long way…

Ife Owoeye from ACS Cobham applied for our internship to gain a greater understanding of the world of medicine.. Read More »

An Eye Opening Experience I Will Never Forget

ACS Hillingdon student, Julie Lestrup has written this informative blog about her experiences in Vietnam so far. Make sure to read! Read More »

I used to take eye health for granted…

Sonia Ali from ACS Egham, is currently exploring our work in Vietnam and reporting back on what she sees. Check her blog out here! Read More »

Transform the life of visually impaired

Do you wonder how your support changed a boy's life 12 years ago? Read More »

Orbis Ambassador Francis Ng and Feynman’s Sight-saving Visit to Bangladesh

To create more vivid memories for his 9-year old son, Feynman, Francis Ng, Orbis Ambassador, decided to take advantage of the recent Easter Holiday to join our most recent sight-saving mission. Read More »

UTAS signs on to support Orbis in ending avoidable blindness

UTC Aerospace Systems announces a three-year contribution to Orbis. Read More »

Orbis take home award for Most Powerful Insight through Research

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June 2017 Singapore Newsletter

Meet 5-year-old Nhut Long who got his misaligned eyes corrected onboard the Flying Eye Hospital Read More »

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