Transform the life of visually impaired

Do you wonder how your support changed a boy's life 12 years ago? Read More »

Orbis Ambassador Francis Ng and Feynman’s Sight-saving Visit to Bangladesh

To create more vivid memories for his 9-year old son, Feynman, Francis Ng, Orbis Ambassador, decided to take advantage of the recent Easter Holiday to join our most recent sight-saving mission. Read More »

UTAS signs on to support Orbis in ending avoidable blindness

UTC Aerospace Systems announces a three-year contribution to Orbis. Read More »

Orbis take home award for Most Powerful Insight through Research

 Read More »

June 2017 Singapore Newsletter

Meet 5-year-old Nhut Long who got his misaligned eyes corrected onboard the Flying Eye Hospital Read More »

Orbis attends the 70th World Health Assembly

Orbis attends the 70th World Health Assembly and promotes Universal Eye Health Read More »

Fija lived with cataract for six long years

Imagine Fija's luck when, despite delay in her parents seeking treatment for her, Dr. Pradeep managed to restore her sight!  Read More »

Save the Date: 2017 NY Gala

Save Thursday, October 19 on your calendar for Orbis's annual New York gala. Read More »

Orbis attends the 70th World Health Assembly

Orbis attends the 70th World Health Assembly and promotes Universal Eye Health Read More »

Volunteer Doctor Cycles Across U.S. for Orbis

Orbis volunteer ophthalmologist fundraises for Orbis through Race Across America. Read More »

Transform the Life of Visually Impaired

We may have unknowingly consumed on non-essentials every month. A full meal, an exciting movie or a stylish dress can probably make you fulfilled. However, if the expenses can be turned to sustained donation, it helps the neediest patients regain their vision.  Read More »

Flying Eye Hospital Program: A Volunteer’s Reflections

In May 2017, Orbis launched the first Flying Eye Hospital program of the year in Can Tho, Vietnam. 8 volunteers from Deutsche Bank Ho Chi Minh traveled to Can Tho and served as translators and interpreters. This is the 4th time Deutsche Bank has sponsored and sent volunteers to Orbis's FEH programs. Read More »

The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital makes a second stop in Vietnam: Binh Dinh

Sponsored by Alcon, Orbis visits region with highest prevalence of blindness in Vietnam Read More »

Let’s celebrate our amazing volunteers

Today marks the first day of Volunteers' Week - a chance to celebrate the contribution made by volunteers across the UK.  Read More »

Orbis remembers Dina Merrill, longtime Orbis supporter

Dina Merrill, internationally recognized actor instrumental in the founding of Orbis, passed away on May 22, 2017. Read More »

Orbis becomes a voice for eye health in global surgical alliance

Orbis joins the G4 Alliance as the first organization representing ophthalmology  Read More »

Flying Eye Hospital Lands in Vietnam

The Flying Eye Hospital landed in Vietnam last week to begin a month long, vision restoring program in the country.  Read More »

Empowering Nurses in Vietnam

Did you know that 90% of healthcare is delivered by nurses? Volunteer Angeline Chaipa from Moorfields Eye Hospital is currently in Vietnam and she has written a special report to update us on how she got on during her first assignment with Orbis.  Read More »

The Flying Eye Hospital in Vietnam: a sneak peek in pictures

Here's a sneak peek at what staff and volunteers are up to in Can Tho, Vietnam. Read More »

Fighting childhood blindness in Vietnam

 Read More »

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