Corporate Donations

Corporate One-Off Donations

Your donation, no matter how big or small it is, means a lot to our sight-saving mission and really makes the world different. Please pledge a one-off gift online of whatever size you can afford, and bring hope of sight to the blind and to those who are at risk of going blind.  Donate »

Monthly Donations

Regular corporate donations are what support our long-term sight saving initiatives and help transforming many lives each month. Please join our monthly donation program with our colleagues to extend your caring heart to the needy and to our society.  Donate »

Organizing a Philanthropic Marketing Initiative

Orbis's name is recognized as a force for good all over the world. By tailoring special Orbis-themed marketing initiatives, your company can clearly distinguish itself from its competitors while also benefiting the preventably blind.  Donate »

Donating Products or Services

Besides cash donation, Orbis also welcomes gift-in-kind donation of products or services. Your support will not only build a positive image to your company, but will save our cost and in turn benefit the needlessly blind worldwide.  Donate »