Our Flying Eye Hospital

On the outside, this plane is like most other aircraft. Inside, it's like nothing you've ever seen.The Flying Eye Hospital is equal parts teacher, envoy and advocate in the global effort to end avoidable blindness. Today, the 3rd Flying Eye Hospital is poised to fly further and work harder than ever before to bring the world together in the fight for sight.

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Making of the MD-10

Why Vision?

When you can see, it can be easy to take your vision for granted. But giving vision to someone who doesn't have it is life-changing and reverberates through families, communities and, ultimately, economies.

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Bringing the World Together to Fight Blindness

How We Work

How We Work




We span the globe to bring people together: expert surgeons and village doctors, community nurses and traditional healers, health ministers and community activists, global foundations and individual donors - so we can work as one to make sure no one loses their sight to a disease that is preventable or treatable.

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Where We Work

Orbis programs, designed to respond to national and community eye health needs, provide lasting solutions to improve eye care around the world.

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Our Impact

Trained 30 thousand medical professionals in 2015
Improved over 2.1 million lives in 2015
Improved over 23 million lives